Ultra 2013... TWO Weekends.

Monday, Oct 15, 2012 - by Luis Martinez

One of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world has just released the dates for the 2013 event. Ultra Music Festival will be celebrating its 15-year anniversary and they’re doing it big. For the first time ever, Ultra will held for TWO weekends in Miami 03.14.13 – 03.17.13 and 03.22.13 – 03.24.13.

Is this a good or a bad thing?

Ultra has always been a huge success. One amazing weekend in March with the best line up of DJs from around the world. Now that it will be two weekends, will each be equally as awesome?  The flyer reads, “2 weekends… 2 Unique Experiences.” Does this mean each weekend has a different line up? These are just some questions on everyone’s mind. Tickets are going on sale this Wednesday, October 17 and the line up won’tcome out until next year. People are freaking out because they don’t know which weekend to buy tickets for. Ideally, both weekends are the aim but realistically speaking most can only go to one.

Decisions… decisions. There are going be tons of unhappy campers for those who can’t go to both.

One thing's for sure,  whether you go the first weekend, the second one or both, it’ll be a musical journey of a lifetime.